echo home

Miami Echo has completed full scale, hurricane “shelter” testing of Echo Home at Fenestration Test Labs in Miami, Fl.  Test data has been submitted to Miami-Dade and we await the issuance of our Notice of Acceptance.

By the end of 2023, we expect to have the NOA approval in hand. This NOA will enable us to build cost effective, 93% certified recycled, hurricane shelter rated, individual homes as well as entire sustainable villages, right here in Miami, Fl. Patents have now been issued around the globe, (see Global Patent map) the only country Patent Pending is China, which we expect to receive approval this year.  Will soon be taking this technology on the road.

The world has a present deficit of 300 million homes according to the World Bank. Building these homes with tens of billions of used up tires (coming soon – all solid waste) prevents the need to cut down vast forests for lumber or produce concrete and steel by the mega-ton. Carbon Capture, Carbon Sequestration is all happening here but mostly it’s just good sense.


Is it safe? Underwriters Laboratory gave our cement coated construction blocks of shredded tire (Echo Block) a designation of VOC emittance “approved for classroom construction in California”(highest rating).
Patented in half the industrialized world, we will soon be taking this technology on the road.


Just how many trees will be saved, tons of cement and steel (not produced) in the next 50 to 100 years? A staggering number for sure.


How many tires prevented from the landfill, or the incinerator is an even more spectacular one.

The Home itself will be built with our Echo Block as a rated hurricane shelter. This home is an example of the more than 10 home designs we will be offering.

All of our Echo Home designs will incorporate the use of our Hardscape for ground areas and Echo rooftop terrace, hurricane rated assemblies.


This short video clip demonstrates why it will earn the “Enhanced Structure” NOA by Miami Dade.

A 34 mph missile test breaks through a concrete block wall, a 74 mph missile blows through a brick wall yet the 80 mph missile bounces off of our Echo Home wall system.

It can take a bullet too!

10 gauge slug cannot blow through our wall.

New Echo Home Design